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Dori DeWitte

DoriI was raised in Central Illinois and have lived in the area since learning to crawl, which has allowed me a broad perspective of the various cities and villages this community has to offer.


Lizz Forthofer

LizzIn the business world or as an active volunteer in the community, I maintain high integrity and always desire to do my best for those I am serving.


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Janet Rosecrans

JanetWithout exception, the most successful Realtors all have one thing in common, and that is their dedication to providing high quality SERVICE. I've discovered that caring for clients is the most important aspect of my job. When you make the important decision to buy or sell a home, I am committed to going the extra mile to ensure that all your needs are successfully met in a professional and honest manner.

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Can Agent A be licensed in Illinois and also in another state, such as Arizona, by different brokers? Who would get referral fees if Agent A referred business out?

Yes, as long as Agent A is not licensed by reciprocity, he could be licensed in another state by different broker.Regarding the referral fees, I think you would have to look at where the agent was "working" at the time of the referral. It could also be handled through the broker's independent contractor agreement.