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Tim Johnson

TimWelcome Tim Johnson to our Peoria office!


Shellie Wilkes

ShellieWelcome Shellie Wilkes to our Peoria office!


Star of the Month

Congratulations to Mindy Taylor, Jim Maloof/Realtor's Star Agent for January!

Mindy Taylor 1994Mindy has been an agent with Jim Maloof/Realtor since July 1994. In her many years she has worn many hats - she has been a Managing Broker and a Relocation Specialist and always been available to mentor any new agent who joins our office. She is a core member of the Washington Branch and is a key part of the branch's success.

Jim Liz MindyAlong the road to making it to the $50 million Club she has mentored many agents. Quoting one agent who has been with us for 18 years, "I have modeled myself after Mindy because of her professionalism, her knowledge and her love for real estate. I am grateful for her inspiration and friendship and even today I can count on her for wisdom and guidance."

Contact Mindy at 309-657-7452
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Download My Mobile App: Text GAV to 87778

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Can a leasing agent receive a referral fee for referring a prospective home purchaser or seller to a salesperson or broker?

No. They could only receive referral fees for referring prospective residential tenants to other leasing companies or landlords. That fee would also have to be paid through the sponsoring broker.